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Taxpayers To Pay $1.2 Million After Judge Dismisses “VCC” Lawsuit

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Local taxpayers will have to dish out over $1 million upon a judge dismissing Vancouver Community College’s lawsuit against Vancouver Career College for allegedly infringing its trademark logo.

Vancouver Community College spent $1.2 million in legal costs to launch a trademark lawsuit against Vancouver Career College as the coincidental initials “VCC” led to marketing backlash for Vancouver Community College.

The complaint stems from potential students and clients searching for “VCC” or “Vancouver Community College” on search engines such as Google and Yahoo! and being welcomed by search results for Vancouver Career College, due to search engine algorithms such as Google Adwords and targeted keyword advertising.

The lawsuit also mentioned the defendant is using usernames such as “VCCollege” for social media accounts, which the plaintiff states was disadvantageous.

Justice Kenneth N. Affleck dismissed the complaint in court documents dated August 20, and ordered Vancouver Community College to pay the costs of the defendant, Vancouver Career College.

The judge’s dismissal adds that he found the claim was motivated by the plaintiff’s “own inability to invest the necessary funds and expertise to create a sophisticated online advertising program,” which left it as a “competitive disadvantage” not due to “unlawful competition”.

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