This Richmond Dessert Shop Serves A Dog Shaped Cake Almost Too Cute To Eat

Sweet Honey Dessert

One thing is for sure—Metro Vancouverites love their pups. And now, someone must have let the dogs out because they’re at Sweet Honey Dessert.

Okay, it’s just ice cream but this eatery is paying homage to your four-legged BFF with this new creation. That is, if you can stand to eat it…because it’s super cute (and realistic-looking).

The sweet treat is appropriately called Dog Mousse Cake or Pug Cake. You can find these puppies at their location in Richmond.

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Lol 😝 cute right

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They come in brown (chocolate mousse), pink (strawberry ice cream) or white (vanilla ice cream).

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While you might hesitate to take a bite (look at that face!) they’re extremely delicious…so you’ll be glad you did.

Sweet Honey Dessert

When: Open daily from 3pm to midnight

Where: 160 4200 No. 3 Road, Richmond

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