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Surrey RCMP Follows Distracted Driving Suspect Into Drive-Thru Lineup (VIDEO)

Surrey RCMP

Photo: @DrDangles87 / Twitter

This is just another reminder to leave your phone alone while driving. A video uploaded on Twitter shows a Surrey RCMP officer going up to a driver waiting in a McDonald’s drive-thru.


Take a look for yourself:


As you might expect, people have mixed reactions to this incident.


Surrey RCMP responded to the video and stated that there was no ticket given to the driver and that “the officer issued a verbal warning to the driver after observing them allegedly using a device while driving prior to entering the drive thru area”.

The tweet also says that “discretion is used by officers when enforcing this law, with public safety always being top of mind”.

So can you really get a ticket for using your phone in a drive-thru?. According to the BC Motor Vehicle Act, the answer is yes.

You might want to think twice about pulling out that phone next time you pull into a drive-thru.


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