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Surrey Is Spending $357 Million On 6,733 Acres Of New Parkland And Facilities


On Monday night, Surrey City Council approved an ambitious plan for the city’s parkland and facilities.

Within the 10 year strategy, the city will invest roughly $357 million to replace the former 2008 plan. The new plan includes 29 new parks, as well as a number of new facilities.

Coined the Parks, Recreation and Culture Strategic Plan (PRC Strategic Plan), it provides guidance for parks, recreation, and cultural facilities, programs, and services over the next decade.

Mayor Linda Hepner said that the plan is a “great blueprint for what the next decade will look like,” as it will improve quality of life for residents.With its soaring population, Surrey needs infrastructure to accommodation its growth.

As of May of 2016, the population of Surrey rose to an impressive 517,887; this figure shot up 10% from the 2011’s total of 468,251.  In fact, Surrey is now tracking to outgrow the City of Vancouver in population.

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New North Surrey Sport & Ice Complex 

Located at 12780 – 110 Avenue, south of Scott Road Skytrain and Home Depot, it will include the following features:

  • 3 sheets of ice
  • community meeting spaces
  • food services
  • outdoor activity areas

 New Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex

Located within the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, south of 64 Avenue and just east of 177B Street, it will feature:

  • 2 sheets of ice
  • community meeting spaces
  • food services
  • outdoor activity areas

Clayton Community Centre

The City of Surrey is developing a new community hub in Clayton that integrates arts, library, recreation, and outdoor spaces in a single facility.

Museum of Surrey

Right now, you can submit your photo to be part of a massive photo mural on the wall in the Museum of Surrey. The city is looking for 1,200 photos of people representing the faces and character of Surrey.

Photo requirements

  • Individual photos are ideal
  • For groups shots we recommend a maximum 3-4 people in a picture
  • The resolution of any photo taken on your smart phone is fine
  • Any background is fine as the photos will be turned black and white and filtered
  • Portrait orientation is preferred as photos will be resized to wallet dimensions

In addition, the city is making the following upgrades to the museum:

  • A flexible gallery for international and national exhibitions
  • Gallery space for community curated exhibits and celebrations
  • Large public spaces for special events and evening rentals
  • An Indigenous Hall
  • Kids Explore Zone – a fun, interactive and immersive gallery
  • Creative, engaging and FUN activities and community events


Cloverdale Athletic Park

This park will receive myriad upgrades, and include a variety of facilities:

  • artificial and turf soccer fields
  • all weather fields
  • softball diamonds
  • tennis courts
  • a basketball court
  • a lacrosse box
  • a spray and water park

Newton Athletic Park

The City is currently investigating opportunities for an new indoor soccer warm-up facility.

Amenites include:

  • 4  artificial turf fields
  • 4  natural turf winter fields
  • 2  cricket fields
  • 3  natural turf summer fields
  • 8×8 soccer & mini soccer fields
  • 8  tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Rubberized walking track
  • BMX track

The Glades

The City is currently expanding the Glades Garden Park, to an ultimate size of 15 acres. Further, the concept includes new feature gardens, gathering spaces, parking, washrooms and a new main entrance.

Surrey Parkland and Facilities

In total, feedback from over 5,000 individuals and more than 250 community groups was considered in creating this Plan. From here, the city will conduct annual reviews to ensure that it fosters improvement in the natural ecosystems and the engages residents.

Two updates of this Plan will be undertaken: an initial review in late 2020 at the end of the “short term” time frame, and a second in late 2023 at the end of the “medium term” time frame.

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