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Surrey Designer Launches Loops High Top Sneakers

Surrey Designer Launches Loops High Top Sneakers

Carlo Guevarra, an emerging shoe designer from Surrey has launched a limited edition collection of sporty high top sneakers called Loops. The custom made shoe line is available for a limited time through Alive Shoes, an online storefront for shoe designers which manufactures the designs with traditional Italian craftsmanship in the Italian Shoe Valley.

“When someone wears my brand, I want them to feel universal, composed to who they are.”

The collection is tagged “when fashion meets music” because Carlo also produces hip hop instrumental beats and sees his shoe designs as a marriage between the two art forms.

The concept of Loops is connection. I envisioned a type of life style where you’re intimate with what interests you in life. Whether it’s a certain type of art, a relationship you want to build on, or just trying to improve your life style in general. I added music into the mix because music is universal. It connects us in the most subtle ways. We listen to music when we’re driving to work. We listen to music when we have heartbreaks. We listen to music when we want to be happy. The word connection is powerful and I believe, to achieve astonishing things you can’t do it solo. You can’t achieve peace with one person, but you can with two. And it starts with a connection together.

The men’s hi-top sneakers have a retro flare and boxing footwear inspiration. They come in Santa Claus red calf leather and black calf leather. The sport hi-top wedge features 4 padded straps and screams chic!

Check out the online store for Loops by Carlos Guevarra.


Image via Carlos Guevarra / Alive Shoes
Written by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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