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SFU Film Alumnus Wins $25K + Trip To Superbowl With Doritos Commercial

SFU Film Alumnus Wins $25K + Trip To Superbowl With Doritos Commercial

Landing a dream job at Universal Pictures and becoming a millionaire would be the ultimate touchdown for Simon Fraser University alumnus Graham Talbot.

A graduate of SFU’s film program, Talbot has a one-in-10 chance of winning $1 million and a yearlong dream job with the prestigious film studio—if his 30-second commercial wins the grand prize next month in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest.

As one of 10 finalists recently selected, Graham, 25, has already won $25,000 and a five-day trip to Phoenix, Arizona to watch the Super Bowl—from a private box—on Feb. 1. He’ll be taking his fraternal twin Nelson, also an SFU film school alumnus, who collaborated on the commercial they call When Pigs Fly.

The amusing 30-second spot features a small boy who wants to share some Doritos with a farmer, but is told he can only have some “when pigs fly”. The desperate boy sets to work, launching a pig into the sky with a rocket. The dumbfounded farmer finally hands him the chip bag.

Graham and Nelson entered the contest last year as well, under Nelson’s name, and made it into the semi-finals.

“This year, we wanted to improve on that result, because it did help our careers a little bit last year,” says Graham. The twins broke into the market through a Toronto agency, Spy Films, and have already made one commercial for them.

The first-prize winner will be chosen by Doritos, while a grand prize winner will be selected via online fan votes.


photo credit: Simon Fraser University

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