Legend Has It These Caves In BC Are Possibly Home To Bigfoot

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sasquatch caves

Whether you believe in its existence or not—this is a fun place to explore the beauty of nature and the possibility of Bigfoot.

The Sasquatch Caves got its name due to the belief that it is a possible home to the classic folklore tale of the ape-like creature.

That’s because legend has it, a Sasquatch family was once spotted there.

The caves are right in the heart of Bigfoot country and consist of a series of above-ground tubes that run about 200 feet long.

They’re all connected together to create a hiking trail worth exploring and you never know—you may just catch a glimpse of something lurking in the area.

Keep in mind that these caves are nestled on the private property of the Holiday Motel & RV Resort. While it’s free to visit—guests must sign a waiver in the front office beforehand.

You can find this rare gem in Hope, just under two hours away from Vancouver.

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Sasquatch Caves

Where: Hope, B.C.

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