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Epic Sand & Snow Orcas Pop Up At Jericho Beach

Snow orcas

Photo: Aaron Cambrin / Facebook

One Vancouver man isn’t letting the recent snow fall dampen his spirits. Aaron Cambrin went above and beyond the typical snowman. He decided to build sand and snow orcas on the shore of Vancouver’s Jericho Beach.

The recent storm covered Vancouver and the Lower Mainland with a blanket of snow.

While some Vancouverites have been less than thrilled about it, due to traffic and public transportation delays—Cambrin managed to spark a little bit of magic with his creations.

He shared a video to his Facebook page that went viral with over 400K views.

Snow Orcas

Visit Jericho to see the beached snow whales for yourself. Or just let them inspire you to create something of your own!

The beach is located just west of Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood.

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