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BC Pulls Russian Liquor From Shelves, Some Bars Will Donate Sales to Ukraine

BC Liquor Store plastic bag ban / russian liquor

Photo: forester401 / Flickr

Provincial liquor stores and some bars will no longer sell Russian liquor products in solidarity with Ukraine.

Last Friday Deputy Premier Mike Farnworth announced B.C. will take part in coordinated economic sanctions against Russia along with the federal government.

This is in accordance with Canada’s military strategy of not directly engaging in armed conflict with Russia. 

The United States won’t either because according to its president, doing so would start a world war and Russia has a lot of nukes. 

That might be something to drink about, but don’t reach for that vodka, try a good old fashioned Canadian whiskey instead. 

The following vodkas are temporarily cancelled: Russian Standard and Russian Standard Premium, Beluga Noble and Baikal.

Unless you go to certain B.C. bars, which according to the Alliance of Beverage Licensees, will be donating all proceeds from Russian vodkas to Ukraine.


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