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Get Acquainted With Van Helsing’s Rukiya Bernard (Interview)

Photo: Liz Rosa

If The Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries or True Blood haven’t satisfied your Vampire quota then you’re probably tuning into the new SyFy series Van Helsing.

The series shot around Vancouver earlier this year and adds vampires to SyFy’s colourful lineup that has included werewolves, zombies, aliens, ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

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The drama series is a re-imagining of Vampire folklore and mythology as it furthers the Dracula and Abraham Van Helsing feud story with his daughter Vanessa Helsing played by Kelly Overton. She is resurrected in a post-apocalyptic world to save humanity from the vampires.

Toronto-born and Vancouver-based actress Rukiya Bernard plays the important role of Doc who is crucial to helping Vanessa wipe out the vampire plague. We chatted to Rukiya about her role in Van Helsing:

What’s it like to be in a vampire-run post-apocalyptic world?

It’s high stakes 100 percent of the time. The making of Van Helsing and the vampire-run post-apocalyptic world has been treated as real and scientifically as possible. So it’s scary as all hell. It’s a world where everyone is literally living moment to moment, as the next one could be your last.

Does your character Doc share any traits with you?

I think all characters share aspects of you as you are bringing life to the character. Doc is a very meticulous person, always searching for the truth. She enjoys time alone, as do I, though she’s much more socially awkward than me. I think.

Photo: Liz Rosa
Photo: Liz Rosa

What about Van Helsing interested you the most?

I love the modernization of the old tale and making Van Helsing a female. By making it current it makes the horror of the story much more real.

Are you a fan of science fiction drama?

Yes! I’m a fan of any good writing and have been finding Sci-Fi to be a world of greatness. I’m currently reading A Brave New World as well as The Age of Miracles. Also I just finished watching Stranger Things and am getting caught up on The 100. I enjoy when stories have the added element of other-worldliness. I find it to be really engrossing and imaginative.

Photo: Liz Rosa
Photo: Liz Rosa

What are your other passions aside from acting and how do you balance them all?

I’m a mother of two, I love interior design, I write a lot and love to watch TV. How do I balance them all? I don’t sleep much.

Advice for aspiring actors?

Find value in yourself, your artistry and what you already have. Then put yourself out there and make sure you put out good work.


Interview by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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