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Richmond Might Get A New Ferry Service On The Fraser River

Richmond Harbour Ferry

Photo: Richmond Harbour Ferry

Last year, New Westminster successfully launched their Q2Q Ferry Service. Now, Richmond follows suit, as an independently owned company attempts to launch a similar service on the Fraser River.

Named the Richmond Harbour Ferry, the proposed service would provide the City of Richmond with transportation between major stops.

The idea was created in response to an increase in road traffic throughout the city. As the population soars, it becomes increasingly difficult to get around during peak hours. What’s more, this problem is exacerbated during the summer months, when tourism spikes. Of course, the city is surrounded in water, and therefore a ferry service is a natural choice.

Furthermore, the ferry itself promotes tourism, as well as a fun alternative for locals to get around. Visitors may view a multitude of wildlife, including otters, seals, and swans.

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Richmond Harbour Ferry

“Bridges Marina, a Richmond-based, family owned boat construction company, will build eight to 10 30-feet long ferries that are able to carry up to 30 passengers, according to Paul Palmer, the company’s president. Ferries will depart regularly throughout the day all year round, and passengers can bring their pets, bikes and wheelchairs on board. And a “smart” system will make sure that the ferries can be tracked and called using a ferry app,” reports Richmond News.

Proposed stops include:

  • Starlight Casino To River Rock
  • River District/View Star Community Center
  • Mill Town Marina and Pub
  • Float Plane Terminal/Richmond Oval
  •  MacArturGlen Outlet Mall/Richmond Shopping
  • Bike Riding, Dog Walks And Iona Beach
Currently, the company still needs to draw support from investors in order to secure the funds to move the project ahead; however, they’ve had an extremely positive response thus far.


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