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New Westminster Ferry Planning Possible 2018 Return After Rave Reviews

New Westminster Ferry / new commuter ferry

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New Westminster launched a ferry service from the New Westminster Quay to Queensborough this past summer.

After experiencing a great deal of positive feedback from the community, the city is thinking of launching a full-scale pilot project in 2018.

The Queensborough Bridge is steadily becoming more congested, and has become a point of contention within the city. Although the ferry can’t make a serious contribution to lessening the Queensborough congestion, it serves as a boon for the local community.

New Westminster Ferry

Coun. Patrick Johnstone spoke to the New Westminster Record about the 2018 project, and said the 2017 project addressed the city’s new for connection. Indeed, there was a multitude of riders that used the service to travel between the two points, as alternative means take them exponentially longer.

“I am not sure we demonstrate the need for a ferry, as much as we demonstrated the need for a connection,” he said. “I know that in my mind a bridge is still a better connection than a ferry, just for a bunch of reasons. I recognize we are not in a situation right now where that’s economically feasible for a city. I think it’s something we have to continue to have in our mind as an eventual long-term solution.”

Evidently, the city recognizes that the local population needs a new form of infrastructure to join the communities; however, planners note that they need to work out a great deal of issues with the ferry service itself. Issues such as accessibility and costs must be more closely examined before the city goes ahead with a full-scale project in 2018.

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