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City Of Richmond Stalls Building Permit Applications For Farmland Houses

Farm Fest at Garden City Lands

Photo Garden City Lands / City of Richmond

The City of Richmond is placing a temporary hold on building permit applications for houses situated on protected farmland.

The decision was made after an eight to one vote at a city council meeting on Monday, March 27th.

It became an issue after a large amount of permit applications were received to build homes on the province’s Agricultural Land Reserve.


The City has received a staggering amount of building permit applications for farmland in 2017, with most homes proposed being over 10,000-square-feet in size.


Council will be further limiting the permit application process by placing a restriction on the sizes and locations of the new homes. Their goal is to make better use of the farmland, for agricultural purposes.

Until the City can come up with the bylaw—the building permit applications for farmland will continue to be on hold.

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