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Popular Canadian Animated Series “ReBoot” Is Coming Back!


Photo: Mainframe Entertainment

Let that childhood memory of watching ReBoot on YTV resurface because a sequel series which has been in the works for years is starting production! Corus Entertainment gave the green light last summer for 26 half-hour episodes that will completely ‘upgrade’ the classic CG-animated series. The new show, ReBoot: The Guardian Code will be a hybrid live-action and CG-animated reimagining of the children’s sci-fi action-adventure story.

The new show promises an updated technological universe on par with today’s kids plus a lot of the same action, comedy, and characters from the original… including that pesky Megabyte!

Photo: Mainframe Entertainment

The original series originally aired in 1994 and had 48 episodes across 4 seasons. It was produced by Vancouver production companies and was the spawn of completely CG-animated half-hour TV shows.  ReBoot: The Guardian Code is being produced by Vancouver-based Rainmaker Entertainment’s television division Mainframe Entertainment – which was one of the original studios behind the series.

“20 years after the original series aired, Mainframe is teaming with writers, artists and leading computer industry experts and manufacturers, to create an all-new ReBoot universe that will provide a ground-breaking, multi-platform experience for the next generation of ReBoot fans.” – Rainmaker Entertainment

Filming dates around Vancouver for the live-action component of the show’s first order is expected to run from February 20th to March 27st, 2017 (CRBC).



By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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