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Hairy Surprise: Rat Spotted Chilling Inside Fridge At 7-Eleven In Vancouver

7-Eleven In Vancouver

Photo: CoastalTW / Reddit

Surprise! A photo uploaded to Reddit shows a rat inside a fridge at a 7-Eleven in Vancouver.

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Look for yourself:

Photo: CoastalTW / Reddit

The photo was uploaded four days ago and has started quite the conversation on Reddit.

“If you have a twitter account, tweet this to 7-11 PR folks,” wrote user 604kevin.

“That’s quite disgusting and that location deserves a visit from bylaw or whoever monitors this shit” he continues.

According to one Reddit user, the rat was spotted at the 7-Eleven on Hastings and Lakewood in East Vancouver.

“Oh man.. The amount of late night drunk/baked trips my friends and I used to make there… Seen so much shit at that 7-11” commented another user.

Reports say that the rat has since been removed.

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