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New Deal Between Provinces Allows You To Bring More Booze Across Borders

Alcohol Prices In Canada

Bringing booze across provincial boundaries is about to get a lot easier.

Canada’s premiers recently held a meeting and have agreed in principle to reduce the barriers surrounding the amount of alcohol that can move across provincial and territorial borders.

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Although they didn’t provide a clear timeline, the amount one can bring across provincial boundaries is expected to at least double.

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant mentioned that provinces want to increase provincial alcohol import limits and that a deal is very close. He also stated that select provinces want to first consult with the public to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Manitoba and Alberta have no limits on how much alcohol you can bring over. Meanwhile New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories, and Newfoundland and Labrador have very low limits, making it very hard to bring across any liquor. For the remaining eight jurisdictions, the personal limits are:

  • Three litres of spirits
  • Nine litres of wine
  • 24.6 litres of beer

Under the new deal agreed upon by the provinces, these limits would at the very least be:

  • 18 litres of wine
  • six litres of spirits
  • 49.2 litres of beer

A statement released by the premiers also highlighted that some jurisdictions may eliminate alcohol limits entirely.

Gallant reiterated that New Brunswick will look at doubling its limit on the amount of beer and alcohol that can be taken across its borders.


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