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New Potential Surrey Police Logo and Cruiser Unveiled That’ll Replace The RCMP

Surrey Police

Photo: @TheSpecialist4 / Twitter

On Tuesday, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum unveiled potential logo and cruiser designs for his promised Surrey Police Department.

McCallum was speaking at his first State of the City address and double downed on his commitment to get Surrey its own municipal police force.


“By establishing Surrey Police, the accountability will stay in our city, with Surrey’s residents and business owners where it belongs” said Mayor McCallum.

However, he did mention that there’s more work to be done before a new police force is introduced.

“There is more to do, and I look forward to hearing from our residents as they help us create a Surrey Police Department that is accountable to all who call Surrey home”.

Back in November 2018, Council approved a motion to start work on creating a Surrey Police Department.

Getting Surrey its own police force has always been an idea that has floated around and now it has some traction underneath Doug McCallum.

The City currently has a contract with the RCMP that runs until March 2032. However, according to the terms of the agreement, it may be axed on March 31 of any year by any city party.

Mayor McCallum and his City Council will have to give two years’ notice.


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