7 Port Coquitlam Parks Where You Can Now Legally Drink Alcohol

port coquitlam park drinking

Port Coquitlam park goers can enjoy sipping and strolling. 

The City of Port Coquitlam has confirmed that they will move ahead and now permanently allow people to drink alcohol at 7 different parks. 

The decision comes after the city conducted a pilot project in the summer. The project was met with approval by the public. 

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The Port Coquitlam Parks You Can Legally Drink At

The 7 parks where you can now enjoy a drink at include:

  • Castle Park
  • Settlers Park
  • Gates Park
  • Lions Park
  • Aggie Park
  • Evergreen Park
  • Cedar Drive Park

There is also said to be another pilot project being conducted to add more parks, which will run until October 31. These parks include:

  • Peace Park
  • McLean Park
  • Dominion Parks

The Public Approves

Port Coquitlam’s mayor, Brad West, said that “people told us they were happy to be able to responsibly and safely enjoy a drink with family and friends, and to be treated like adults.”

During the initial survey, it showed that of the 573 respondents, 86% of them said they had a ‘good’ experience and wanted it to continue.

Be Responsible

It is expected, of course, that those consuming alcohol will behave responsibly. City officials are reminding everyone that “parks are for everyone and it’s important that people of all ages continue to feel safe in them.”

The RCMP, parks staff and Bylaw Officers will continue to monitor the sites as part of their regular surveillance.

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