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“Pictures With Satan”: BC Newspaper Typo Goes Viral Due To Seth Meyers (VIDEO)

Pictures With Satan

Photo: Late Night With Seth Meyers / Youtube

Comedian Seth Meyers gave a shout-out to a B.C. newspaper during his show Thursday to point out a typo, but probably not the kind of shout-out you’d want.

The newspaper, Comox Valley Record, referenced a different man in red for its November 21 paper, mentioning “pictures with Satan” when they presumably meant “pictures with Santa”.

The B.C. paper listed the schedule for the upcoming Santa Claus Parade, when they made the error.

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Having received a bit of hell for the mistake, the paper has since apologized and acknowledged the error in an editorial.

“A newspaper in Canada ran a Christmas ad this week and misspelled Santa’s name as Satan,” said Meyers. “Weird. That’s so weird. The same thing happened to me at Starbucks, where my cup said Kellyanne Conway”, Seth Meyers quipped.


The New York Post also mentioned the error, calling it, “the typo from hell.”

What’s the best typo you’ve come across?

To see the Man in Red (the one without the hooves) head to the Santa Claus Parade this weekend or get pictures with Santa at the mall.

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