Bad Santa Loses Jobs After Posting Inappropriate Photos Online

Bad Santa Drinks From Flask

Santa put himself on the naughty list this year after posting two inappropriate photos online.

The Bad Santa was fired from Cherry Lane Shopping Centre in Penticton, B.C., after mall management deemed his photos inappropriate.

The first photo was posted November 22 with Gary Haupt, a.k.a Santa, and his friend Michelle Prystay.

Prystay, a nail technician, was at Haupt’s home doing his wife’s nails. Haupt’s wife took a photo of him pretending to grab the technician’s breasts.

Bad Santa inappropriate photo

Photo: Gary Haupt / Facebook

“I finished her nails that day and he came up behind me posing for pictures and his wife took the picture, so it was just out of great humour,” Prystay told Global News.

The second photo was at the mall on Saturday, where a patron asked for a photo of Haupt pretending to drink from a flask.

“Because I am not bright I said, ‘oh sure, I’ll do that,’” Haupt told Global News. “Although the cap was on the flask, the pictures were taken, and again, because I am not bright, I put them up on the Facebook page.”

Haupt also shared the photo to the 19,000-member Penticton community Facebook page.

Last year, this Santa agreed to a photo where he pretended to spank a group of young women.

Haupt said the photos were only meant to be funny.

“This kind of makes me feel dirty, it kind of makes me feel like I’ve really let somebody down,” he said. “Like I’ve really done something I shouldn’t have done.”

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