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Orca Breaches Incredibly Close To Kayakers On Vancouver Island (Video)

Photo: Ken Heinrich / Facebook

Some kayakers on Vancouver Island were treated to a very exciting orca show on August 26th.

Ken Heinrich and his daughters were enjoying beautiful day in Comox by the water when they encountered a lively pod of orcas beside their house.


He was standing on his porch when a pod of the majestic marine mammals began swimming and circling in the near distance.

Orca Footage From The Kayak

It wasn’t long before the family hopped into their kayaks to get an even more incredible view of the whales. From here, footage shows a particularly friendly orca breaching multiple times right beside his kayak.


Under his Youtube video Ken describes the experience as, “The most amazing animal experience of my life!!! These incredible creatures were wonderful to watch. Tail slapping, breaching (including one extremely close breach!) and just cruising until they slowly just continued on down the straight to their next destination. Simply amazing…”

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