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The Northern Lights From Space Look Absolutely Spectacular (Video)

Northern Lights

While many tourists from around the globe and across Canada head north to view their stunning beauty, there is another spectacular location for viewing the northern lights.

Aurora borealis from space is completely spellbinding. The formation of colours looks like a king of magical force traversing across the globe, and appears more reminiscent of something out of Harry Potter than mother nature.


The Northern Lights From Space Video

Captured by the European Space Agency, a Youtube compilation of the the lights from space conveys just how incredible they are. They also appear enormous in the video, covering a large portion of the Earth’s surface.

Every year people pay thousands of dollars to visit viewing centres in Northern Canada and other prime locations in the world, but no matter where they visit, they won’t be able to see this mesmerizing perspective.

This September was an ideal time for viewing the celestial display as multiple geomagnetic storms caused them to appear especially vibrant.


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