North Vancouver Is Adding 12 More Parks You Can Legally Drink At This Summer

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The City of North Vancouver was one of the first cities in Metro Vancouver to legalize drinking in public places, and now they’re expanding their locations.

Last summer, the North Shore was the first Canadian jurisdiction outside Quebec that allowed public drinking, and since then many other Metro Vancouver cities have joined. This includes Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, Delta and West Vancouver.

These municipalities allow responsible consumption of beer, wine and spirits in public places, during certain hours.

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The North Vancouver District Parks You Can Legally Drink At (After July 26th)

The North Vancouver District Council voted Monday, July 19 to allow the consumption of alcohol within 14 district parks. However another vote is still necessary before this comes into affect, which is currently scheduled for July 26.

These parks were chosen as they boast popular picnic areas, garbage pickup, washrooms on site, are easy to access via transit, and are regularly patrolled:

  • Eldon Park
  • Sowden Park
  • Carisbrooke Park
  • Princess Park
  • Kilmer Park
  • Kirkstone Park
  • Arborlynn Park
  • Bridgman Park
  • Seylynn Park
  • Garibaldi Park
  • McCartney Creek Park
  • Panorama Park
  • Deep Cove Park
  • Strathcona Park


The North Vancouver City Parks You Can Legally Drink At

The list of parks above will join an initial batch of parks approved for the pilot program from June 22nd until October 15th in 2020. Due to it’s success, It was brought back for the summer of 2021.

Park goers can bring their own alcohol to all of the places below between 11 am and dusk, except for at Cates Deck. That location has certain restrictions in the summer. Here is a map highlighting all the places of these parks within the city.

  • Waterfront Park (but not around the children’s playground)
  • Victoria Park
  • Mahon Park
  • Grand Boulevard
  • Ray Perrault Park
  • Kings Mill Walk
  • Shipbuilders Square
  • Cates Deck


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