New Growlerfill App Helps You Find The Best Craft Beer Nearby

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As craft beer appreciation increases and the industry flourishes in Vancouver, it can be a rather arduous task simply keeping your finger on the pulse, especially with new breweries popping up on a regular basis.

As well as the craft beer explosion, Growler fills too, have become extremely popular; who can find fault in getting your mitts on some of the finest beers straight from the source? But every silver lining has its cloud and similarly, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep tabs on who offers what and when.

Step forward, a new website launched earlier this year. The brainchild of Matthew Hall, Co-Founder of Dog & Pony data, who was unable to find a good and easily useable resource to see where around town to get his growler filled, he decided to rectify it himself. In , he has created an ingenious solution to this problem. The site offers an in-depth resource for checking out breweries, growler fills and opening hours etc.

Growlerfill App

After months of hard work, GrowlerFill is now also available for iOS and Android which takes all the wonderful attributes of the site, and moulded them into an even more use-friendly app for your phone.

Initially starting with Vancouver, it has now grown to all of Western Canada with Hall hoping to expand nationwide and Washington and Oregon. As well as this Hall intends continuing site’s develop to make it even more user-friendly, and “adding a list of what beers are available now”, especially helpful with many rotating taps, and to provide a filtering service for ‘what beers you want and tracking your favourite beers that are available at different breweries.”

Using either or mobile app, that next great craft beer has never been closer, it is quite literally at your finger tips. This is an outstanding asset for anyone with a thirst for craft beer, a passion for craft brewing, or both. Take a bow Mr. Hall.


Written by: Barry Gruff

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