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New Ferry For High End Travelers Proposed Between Vancouver And Victoria

New Ferry For High End Travelers Proposed Between Vancouver And Victoria

For some, taking the ferry is a hassle that you can’t wait to get over with, for others, it’s a scenic ride to enjoy while being transported from point A to B. If you fall under the latter, chances are you’ll like the idea of a new, and slower ferry that helps you soak in the journey.

Riverside Marine, based out of Australia, has proposed a new private passenger ferry that will operate between Vancouver and downtown Victoria. If approved, operations can potentially begin in 2016.

The new vessel would accommodate up to 300 people, and operate from the CPR Steamship Terminal in downtown Victoria to downtown Vancouver. While a trip using BC Ferries typically takes 90 minutes, a trip using the private ferry would be double, and cost $80 for a one way ticket.

The idea behind the slower service is to help travelers enjoy the sights and sounds the route offers, as opposed to a quick point-to-point transportation.

Riverside Marine, who also operates ferries, fast ferries, and charter ferries in Australia, has applied for lease space in the CPR Steamship Terminal through the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

So far the chances look good, as Harbour authority CEO Ian Robertson points out that the new service would not compete with B.C. Ferries, as it will target “higher-end travelers” who consider taking seaplanes or helicopters to and from the harbour.

While the price is hefty, it would be a neat and new attraction for tourists. What are your thoughts on the new service? Sound off in the comments below.



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