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New eCab App Allows You To Access Nearby Taxi’s

New eCab App Allows You To Access Nearby Taxi's - You Will Soon Be Able To Pre-Pay And Access Nearby Taxi's Online

Vancouver’s four major taxi companies have not let their guard down against Uber, and have released a new app as they continue to innovate their business model.

The eCab app allows users to “order” the closest cab nearby with the option of pre-paying for it with your credit card – something new as the previous dispatch system would require you to call-in, which would sometimes lead to being placed on-hold during busy hours.

Yellow Cab, Vancouver Taxi, Blacktop, and MacLure’s have all agreed to transfer their dispatch systems to offer customers a better streamlined service, and at the same time battle one of Uber’s biggest competitive advantages.

Like Uber, users will also be able to rate their drivers, which Carolyn Bauer of Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit mentions is very important given the negativity that is sometimes associated with drivers.

“There are a lot of drivers out there that are fabulous drivers and they may get tagged as being a bad driver if someone has had a bad experience and they’ve all grouped everybody into one. It’s no different than if you go to a restaurant and if you eat something that you’re not happy with, word of mouth spreads around.”

“We just hear word of mouth. I want to know what the experience is for the customer. We want to know that. And we really want to hear the good too because we have a lot of great guys out there. I’d like to hear the positive feedback and I want to hear the negative feedback so that we can improve,” said Bauer.

The mobile dispatch system is originally based out of Europe, and Vancouver will be the first city to test the eCab app before it rolls into other cities across Canada.

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