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New Condos Near Stanley Park Designed As Tall, Curvy Tree Houses

renderings condos near stanley Park

Photo: Heatherwick Studio / Instagram

Vancouver’s Stanley Park area may be getting some tree houses… literally.

Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties have teamed up with world renowned design architects,  Heatherwick Studio from the U.K., to bring a high-rise complex idea like never seen before.

The newly designed concept has a goal of bringing a level global design excellence to Vancouver. The complex proposal features two curvy light-filled towers and a publicly accessible ground-level plaza.

More About the Complex


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The project is the first high-rise complex the studio has designed in Canada. As a result, their wish is to do something different than the generic glass and steel towers that are “boring and sterile” and look the same anywhere in the world.

The designers offered criticism of existing condos near Stanley Park, saying that “it’s difficult to have a positive emotional connection with a huge, flat building.”

There will be two “tree” towers. One that is 30 storeys and the other 34, located at 1728 Alberni St. and 735 Bidwell St. and would consist of 401 strata residential units. Depending on the units, there will be balconies and views to the mountains, Stanley Park and the harbour. There will be spaces for bikes (more spots than for cars).

Yes, these buildings will replace the two mid-1980s-era apartment towers.

The design materials would include wood and lots of greenery. Each of the buildings’ two bases is styled after a “green mountain” would house restaurants and shops. There will also be a ground-floor plaza which will be closed in the winter and open in the summer.

What Will It Look Like?

Two new residential towers proposed for Alberni and Bidwell streets will mimic trees. They are designed to look like “undulating cedars” with the “idea of gentle curving vertical structures that connect the public on the ground floor to the top of the towers.”

Surely these will make for some attractive and unique condos near Stanley Park, as well as a connection to nature.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, instead of the usual open house for the project, the city is holding an online question-and-answer period, from February 22 to March 14.

The city is asking for public comments on how the proposal will fit into the surrounding neighbourhood, since there will be an application to consider under the rezoning policy for he West End.

At this time, there is no information on, if approved, when the building would be completed.




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