A Sex Doll Company Is Coming To Vancouver & They’re Already Receiving Backlash

Minnie is one of eight sex dolls that will be offered in Vancouver

Calgary-based sex doll company Natrl is ready to serve Metro Vancouver next week, providing a sex doll right to your door.

The company will be offering “extremely realistic” dolls for short-term rentals. Their new location opens in Langley on Friday.

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“Our vision at Natrl is to normalize the fact that people have a Natrl desire, and a healthy sex drive is normal,” states the website. “The use of manufactured sexual objects is a way to exercise any kind of fantasies and desires, people may have in a controlled environment.

The company rents out a variety of dolls with different backstories and names. That includes an elf named Bella and an Australian party girl named Brooklyn. The dolls are mostly modeled after women, but there is one male doll as well.

Owner Randy (who goes by just his first name) told CTV News that Natrl charges $250 and can be discreet when sending it over.

He also said that while they encourage using protection, the dolls are thoroughly cleaned. The company uses a five-step process and goes over it with a UV light.

But some people are already opposed to the Natrl. Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter calls it “dehumanizing.”

“Men should boycott Natrl and refuse to participate in or support this degrading industry,” Laurel McBride wrote to CTV News.

The company is starting with eight dolls and will introduce a new one in late February.

But Vancouver already has a sex doll brothel if you prefer to go to them.

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