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Bumper Cars On Water: Try Epic Motorized Bumper Boats At This BC Lake

bumper boats

Photo: Harrison Water Sports

It’s always fun to bring out your inner child by driving the bumper cars into all of your friends. Step it up a notch with this awesome water version of the activity at Harrison Lake. Bumper boats are a twist on the classic attraction everyone loves.

Rent out these boats through Harrison Water Sports that come loaded with electric water guns for the most epic water fight of all time.

The bumper boats can seat two people and they’re powered by a 24-volt motor. The water gun can shoot your opponent as far as 10 feet away.

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A half an hour rental costs $20 per boat but group rates are available if you want to make it a party.

This isn’t the only cool water sport to try in the area. Harrison is also home to an inflatable water park located right on the lake. It comes equipped with slides and platforms you can catapult yourself off of. With the various obstacles mimicking a ‘Wipeout-style’ course you would see on the popular TV show—it’s what water park dreams are made of.

The pristine lake offers endless amounts of water activities while surrounding yourself with lush nature.

This is the one of the best spots to spend Summer in BC and it’s only a two-hour drive away from Vancouver.


Bumper Boats

Where: Harrison Lake

Cost: $20 per half an hour rental


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