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Miley Cyrus Visits BC To Raise Awareness About Wolf Cull (Video)

Miley Cyrus Visits BC To Raise Awareness About Wolf Cull (Video)

Even after the Premier told her to stick to twerking, Miley Cyrus showed she can’t be tamed, and visited B.C. this past weekend to show her support for B.C. wolves and raise awareness about the cull.

Her weekend trip to B.C. comes after her controversial social media posts calling out the B.C. Government, and asking them to put an end to the wolf cull. The wolf cull is apart of a 5-year program to protect the province’s caribou, which are quickly becoming extinct.

Miley Cyrus visited the Central Coast of British Columbia with her brother, and went on a bear-watching tour hosted by Pacific Wild, a conservation group on the same mission as the singer.

Pacific Wild shared a video of Miley Cyrus’s explorations, in which she reflected on her role as a celebrity raising awareness about the issue.

“When I first spoke out, I knew in my heart that the wolf cull was wrong,” says Miley. “But after this visit, I know science is on my side, not just on the wolf cull, but also on the trophy hunt issue. Both are unsustainable and both are horrific.”

“The reason I am here is because I want to see the wolf cull ended” added Cyrus.

Pamela Anderson also joined in on the conversation last week, and penned an open letter to Christy Clark in an effort to put an end to the wolf cull. Despite the celebrity criticism, the government is holding their ground with the wolf cull, and shows no sign of calling off the plan. Officials argue that wolves are the primary reason behind the caribou’s decline, and therefore the cull is necessary for caribou protection.


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