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Microsoft Campus Hopping At 604 Universities

Is Microsoft seriously trying to promote Windows 8 by giving college students gift card incentives?

604Now has received an anonymous tip that the Windows 8 team had been holding info sessions on the latest news surrounding Microsoft products and promoting their new operating system. This team has been traveling to different University campus’s each week, and rewarding students who take out their time to listen to what they have to say.

By tuning into what Microsoft has to say, they are rewarding students with FREE breakfast on Tuesdays and FREE $10 Safeway gift cards on Thursdays!

This team of promoters will be at SFU this week(February 4-8), followed by UVIC next week(Feb 11-14). Their rotation order is as follows UVIC, BCIT UBC, SFU.

Knowing that college students are the keen market in the latest technology, Microsoft has played it smart by targeting an audience who is not only tech savvy but also require computer products for their college studies. Although free incentives are always nice, we don’t know how we feel about Microsoft literally having to bribe students to listen to what they have to say about their company and products.

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