If Demolished, Metrotown Mall Will Be Replaced By An Outdoor Shopping Centre


While it won’t be happening any time soon, the City of Burnaby has unanimously voted to take down the Metropolis at Metrotown.

When this happens, businesses and residents alike will be forced to relocate in the area or perhaps move out of the city.

Numerous residents are outraged by this news, and believe it is a forced eviction in an area where rent is extremely expensive.


Photo: City of Burnaby

Not only will renters find the ordeal frustrating, but businesses will be faced with some potentially difficult decisions.

It is unknown exactly which shops will stay and which will go, or what the contracts stipulate at this time; however, the entire appearance of the shopping area will change. The changes will force the remaining businesses to rethink their original design, and it may not work for all of them.

A New Look For Metrotown

While the plans are not set in stone, current sketches of the proposed Metrotown redevelopment convey a completely different design. Not only is the entire mall outside, but there are generous green spaces and boardwalks laced throughout the retail space.

Other questions regarding the development have come up, such as whether there will still be free parking if the mall moves to this new layout. If shopping area’s like Robson Street are any indication, they cold be some hefty parking fees.


Photo: City of Burnaby

This concept would be somewhat similar to the current look of the Station Square building next door.

The residential areas will look decidedly different, too. With bright, fancy new condos and developments, its safe to say the rent will be markedly higher for most areas.


Photo: City of Burnaby

While these changes are still a long time off in the future, they will have a tremendous impact on the entire community.

What do you think is the best strategy for the shopping area in the Metrotown? Do you think that they should keep the indoor Metropolis mall or make it into an outdoor shopping centre?

Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Deedee Cropper

    Metrotown is a metropolis where will we shop now …this makes me sad and mad

  • @@

    i find it laughable that it was voted unanimously without actually having planned what to do next, they just sat down and decided to demolish it, move a few thousands of people and hundreds of businesses , for no reason.
    sure why not?

  • Brendan Cullis

    Shame. Why must this keep happening. Renoviction after another. Now metro? When does it end?

  • Reem Zalis

    I think they should keep metrotown because it is a big mall in which people from different places come and meet each other. I would do recommend to change the area around metrotown such as renovating them and adding extra vibe of downtown features.

  • NoOneSpecific

    When, not “if”. Burnaby City Council serves their own interests first and foremost. So, this will happen when they determine it to be most opportunistic for them.

  • Ding

    They should hold a public hearing for this! so stupid!

  • Metrotown good!

    Keep it the same, but develop it further. Indoor malls are essential because of winter weather. It works well as a mall!

  • Bonnie W

    I’ve been thinking for a while that Corrigan and company need to be replaced. This silliness confirms it. I’ve lived in Burnaby for 10 years, and I really don’t like a lot of the unplanned development that is going on. There appear to be no traffic plans or amenity plans in place.

  • Mark Dumagpi

    My opinion is to take the entire shopping centre down by demolishing and build it as an outdoor shopping plaza or build a bigger shopping district. For instance, you should build it like the new outlet shopping centre in Langley, because Willowbrook will be going under renovations sooner or later and others can go somewhere else. This is what they do nowadays. I go to Highstreet, which is an open-air shopping centre in Abbotsford, located on Mount Lehman Road, which is just off Highway 1 at Exit 83. It is much quieter and enjoyable, because it has three parking levels (one upper level, outside and two lower levels, inside) and it is a parkade. There is a Wal-Mart in the lowest level of the parkade and a London Drugs on the upper level or the deck, located at the east end of Highstreet in Abbotsford.

  • Brian Boisvert

    Perhaps the nickname of raincover was missed or forgotten by city hall. But I’m not going to visit a outdoor shopping area like that 9 months of the year. And I’m sure the hell not going to pay for parking. Essentially this is going to divert a lot of shoppers to Guildford, Coquitlam Centre and Brentwood Mall. It is going to have a devastating impact on the area when people stop going there. But it will solve the congestion problems at Metrotown Skytrain station.

    A more intelligent plan would be to redevelop in sections. Turn Metrotown into a large underground shopping complex with free parking while converting the above ground with a out door shopping plaza like a downtown Vancouver with paid street parking. Such a plan would allow businesses to relocate from sections of the mall being torn down to next sections built. It provides stability for businesses. You keep the shoppers that go to Metrotown because it’s metrotown and add to burnaby with a downtown style city core.

  • The Burnaby City Council needs to be voted out. Basically saying “we want to turn Metropolis at Metrotown, which is BC’s largest covered shopping mall and destination into a non-destination”

    This is the heartless city councils latest attempt to gentrify the area by booting out both long-established residents and businesses and replace them with ultra-luxury condos and retailers.

    Burnaby has been destroying rental apartments without replacing them.