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6 Pizzerias in Vancouver You Should Know About

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Pizza, the universal dish enjoyed among young people everywhere, is endlessly versatile. Whether you’re grabbing a slice on the go or are sitting down for a culinary experience, the city’s pizzerias caters to all.

Whether you are looking for gluten-free or authentic Neapolitan, here are pizzerias in Vancouver you should know about.

The Parlour

National Pizza Day - Vancouver Pizzerias
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A popular spot in Yaletown, The Parlour delivers west coast cuisine and pizza creations in a bustling and animated atmosphere. Created by two brother-chefs that worked at Cactus Club, The Parlour also offers gluten-free pizza. For the complete list of the best gluten-free pizza in Vancouver, check out the list here.


Nicli Pizzeria

National Pizza Day - Vancouver Pizzerias
Yelp / Anthony T.

Naples is the birthplace of pizza, and they take their pizza seriously. There is even a governing body called the La Vera Pizza Napolitana that ensures authentic Neapolitan pizza stay that way. In Vancouver, Nicli Pizzeria is the first restaurant to provide VPN-approved pizza. Formed by hand and cooked in a 900 degrees Celsius wood-fired oven for 90 seconds, Nicli Pizzeria is one of Gastown’s finest pizzerias. Via Tevere in East Van and The Bibo in Kitsilano also offer up great Neapolitan pizzas. You can also find BiBo Pizzeria at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlets in Richmond too.

Steveston Pizza Company

Best Eats In Richmond

Located in Richmond’s Steveston Village, Steveston Pizza Company prides itself on creativity. Steveston Pizza is known for offering high-end pizza at an expensive price. We’ve written before about their “C6” item that comes topped with lobster, black Alaska cod and Russian osetra caviar. That’s some ballin’ pizza. The menu is uniquely organized around themes like colours, journeys, worlds and elements. You can also peep at their latest extravagant offering, the Seenay, Retails at $850, the Seenay features luxurious toppings like smoked steelhead, lobster ratatouille, and Italian white truffles.

Campagnolo Roma

National Pizza Day - Vancouver Pizzerias
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Located on East Hastings, Campagnolo Roma is the sister restaurant to Campagnolo on Main Street. Just like Campagnolo, Campagnolo Roma is focused on affordable, rustic Italian dishes made from seasonable ingredients. Campagnolo Roma, as you might tell from the name, focuses exclusively on the Roman style of dishes with classic antipasti, plates of pasta and pizzas.


Bella Gelateria

National Pizza Day - Vancouver Pizzerias
Yelp / Ly N.

You might know about Bella Gelateria in Yaletown for its gelatini concoction. But did you know that they also serve up great pizza? This 80-seat restaurant right near the waterfront is a bright and stylish dining experience. Napoletana-style pizza comes hot from a handmade stone pizza oven that comes from Naples, Italy. Check out our peek inside Bella Gelateria.

Pizza Carano

National Pizza Day - Vancouver Pizzerias
Yelp / Eva B.

Fraser Street is the eclectic home to restaurants that can transport you around the world, and it is where you can find Pizza Carano. An East Van spot with a simple menu, they serve thin crust Neapolitan pizza with a twist. This twist includes putting kale on pizza as a topping.

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