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Meet The UBC Dropout Who Won $6.6 Million Playing Video Games

Meet The UBC Dropout Who Won $6.6 Million Playing Video Games

A former UBC student is motivating gamers all across the lower mainland after he and his team walked away rich upon winning an international video game competition in Seattle.

Kurtis Ling, a 23-year old Vancouverite, recently dropped out during the third year of his sociology program to focus on professional gaming.

During the week of August 3 – August 8, he and his team, the Evil Geniuses, travelled to Seattle to compete in the International Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancients) Tournament. The team advanced to the championships main event and walked away victorious, earning the cash prize of $6.6 million.

The total prize pool for the event was a reported $18.4 million.

With the big win in Seattle, the Evil Geniuses have now become the richest eSports team across the world, securing themselves $11.1 million in winnings.

Kurtis Ling is ranked 13th in the list of the world’s best gamers, and is also Canada’s highest-earning professional gamer.
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