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Man Allegedly Tries To Film Up 7-Year-Old Girl’s Skirt In Coquitlam

Girl's Skirt

Photo: Durga Putri / Facebook

A Coquitlam mother is outraged after she claims that a man tried to film up her 7 year old girl’s skirt.

She took to Facebook to express her anger in a post entitled “ ******ALERT****** .”

In the post, she alleges that the man pretended to kneel down and look at a rollerblade. In doing so, she claims that he tried to look up her skirt and video her panties.

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From here, the horrified mother began to scream and ask him, “what the f*ck he was doing.” In addition, a crowd of people came to help when he took off. Luckily, they were able to catch him.

From here, they went through his phone, and were alarmed at its contents.

He stood there shaking and denying it all but I pulled up footage where He had followed us around the store taking videos of us and of other children in the toys department and sporting good section of value village in Coquitlam around 4pm today.

Man Films Up Girl’s Skirt

According to her post, police came and arrested him. In addition, charges were pressed, but they did release him.


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