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Low Income Families Eligible For Free Admission At Vancouver Aquarium

A new expansion of the Park Board’s Leisure Access Pass Program will offer relief to low income individuals and families living in Vancouver.

As of March 12, 2016, low income residents will be eligible to receive free admission to the Vancouver Aquarium and explore one of the city’s most notorious attractions. The facility is notably an important learning space for young children and families, and the Park Board wants to ensure it’s accessible for everyone.

With current admission rates set at $31 for adults, and $16 for children under 12, a casual visit to the Aquarium isn’t exactly affordable in a city that seems to be getting more expensive by the day.

According to the Aquarium, community centres help measure income and help set up an application process for individuals. They then provide a pre-loaded card that individuals can use to swipe at the front door of the centres.

To be eligible for the free admission, you must prove you are a resident of Vancouver, and that your family’s total income is equal or below the following:

  • Family of two including children must earn less than $29,706 before taxes
  • Family of three must earn less than 36,520 per year
  • Family of four must earn less than $44, 340 per year
  • Family of five must earn less than $50,290 per year

As an alternative, individuals and families can also prove they’re eligible by showing proof that they receive income assistance from B.C.’s Ministry of Social Development.

You are not considered eligible if:

  • You are an immigrant classified as an investor or entrepreneur
  • You are a temporary resident (visitor), including being on a study or work permit
  • You live in the University Endowment Lands

In addition to free entry at the Vancouver Aquarium, the Leisure Access Program provides many other benefits including 50% off at local recreation facilities and attractions.

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