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Police Looking For Owner Of Lost Dog Found Walking On Surrey Street (PHOTOS)

lost dog in Surrey

Photo: BC RCMP

On Monday July 8th, police found a lost dog in Surrey walking alone in the area of 99 Avenue and 168 Street.

Surrey RCMP came across the dog just after 1:00 a.m. and stopped to try and identify it because they were worried that a car might hit her. Unfortunately, no collar or identifiable markings were on the dog to help identify the owner.


“Two officers attempted to coerce the friendly pup into their police car however she was less than willing” reads a statement.

“One officer, who owns a dog herself, fashioned a cord cuff into a leash and put it on the dog”.

After some resistance, the police officers were able to get the dog into their car.

Photo: BC RCMP
Photo: BC RCMP

The pup was transported to a Langley animal hospital for the night and was then transferred to the Surrey Animal Resource Centre where she is at currently.

If this lost dog in Surrey found by police officers is yours, please contact the Surrey Animal Resource Centre at 604-574-6622 or via email at [email protected].


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