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RCMP Press Conference About Double-Murder Interrupted By Cat Filter, Puns Ensue

RCMP Cat Filter - Richmond report crime online

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Late Friday afternoon, a press conference was held by a media relations officer of the B.C. RCMP to address the very-serious topic of a double-murder that took place in Northern British Columbia earlier this week.

The press conference was live-streamed, and part-way through the press conference, viewers who watching noticed something above the head of the officer: cat ears.

RCMP Cat Filter
Photo: @MercedesGlobal / Twitter

Yes, somehow, there was a cat filter on! It was the video-equivalent of spellcheck correcting your “fucking” into “ducking”, undermining the very-serious thing you were saying. Technology!

To make matters worse, the RCMP released a statement acknowledging the moment, but instead of having a sense of humour about it, blamed it on an “automatic setting.”

RCMP Cat Filter

First: Is there really an “automatic setting” that turns on the cat filter, part-way through a video?

Second: If such a setting did exist, why was it the default setting on a BC RCMP camera?

Regardless, the Internet had a field-day with this snafu:



And last, but certainly not least:

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