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LMFAO Members Feud Over Millions

LMFAO rappers RedFoo and SkyBlu are feuding over how to split the millions they’ve made thanks to the track “Party Rock Anthem.” I’m sure we’ve all heard the song before, it’s super popular and get’s played on the radio all the time. Aside from appearing in a Kia commercial, and selling 10 million digital copies alone, the song has caused tension between the two rappers and family members.

The two have even started booking separate DJ appearances. An anonymous source stated that “Redfoo has always been promoting himself, doing his own thing.” Some of the appearances done by Redfoo raked him in an impressive $100,000 for one night! While Skyblu had no idea his 11 year older uncle was raking in that extra money on the side.

Will the two put aside their differences and do what they do best – Create catchy party songs!?

In case you haven’t heard Party Rock Anthem, check it out below!

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