Enjoy A Lavish Cruise From LA To Vancouver For A Steal At $317 CAD (Tax Incl)

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Cruise From LA

With a hectic snowstorm in February and plenty of damp weather all winter long, residents of Metro Vancouver are sick of the cold.

With that in mind, it can be rather costly to take a vacation somewhere warm and fun; however, this incredibly economical voyage with Princess Cruises is very affordable. It includes all meals, snacks, entertainment, and lodgings for only $317 CAD including all tax per person based on a double occupancy. The 3 night cruise on the Ruby Princess departs on April 24th and arrives at Canada Place on April 27th.

This price is for an interior stateroom, but the other rooms are not a great deal more. So, if you’d prefer a view, it won’t cost a great deal for an upgrade. Princess cruises is recognized for its high-end dining, attentive service, and elegant decor.


Photo: Princess Cruises

You can book your cruise here.

Cruise From LA In Style

Also, if that isn’t enough, this ship is a luxury accommodation with amenities galore. It offers the famous Theatre Under the Stars, broadway level theatrical performances, award winning chefs, 10 bars, a mini-golf course, basketball court, 4 swimming pools and 8 hot tubs.

A flight down to LA is also very affordable. A one way fares won’t cost over $150 CAD as long as it’s booked in advance.

You can book your Princess Cruise here.

Travel tip: Los Angeles is a city best enjoyed by car. Staying in a downtown hotel is a great idea; however, you want to be close to restaurants, shopping, and nightlife, and many of the city’s most iconic attractions are widely spread out. Unlike New York, LA does not have the most accessible transit system. As a result, it is recommended that you plan your activities accordingly with shuttles, taxis, or a car rental. 

If you are looking for some other places to travel to on a budget, check out our list of places to travel if you’re broke from living in Vancouver.

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