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The International Space Station Will Make a Rare Appearance Over Vancouver This Week

vancouer space station

Photo: David Aste / 604 Now

If you ever wanted to see what the International Space Station looks like in reality, you may get your chance this week.

The NASA station will be visible from a long distance from various Canadian cities. For Vancouver, those dates happen to be this week.

With mostly clear skies forecasted for the near future, this is the perfect time to gaze into the night sky.

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The space station itself is the size of a football field. According to NASA, “it doesn’t have flashing lights or change direction. It will also be moving considerably faster than a typical airplane.”

On the ground, with the naked eye it will look like an airplane or bright star that is moving.

International Space Station Visibility

This widget displays the next fly over:


Don’t worry if you miss this chance, there will be multiple opportunities between now and the end of the month.

Further instructions on where to look and the full schedule can be found on NASA’s site here.

What’s Currently Happening Up There?

The astronauts aboard are currently doing a number of experiments with magnets. They are preparing for a commercial spacecraft to be re-docked on July 21, and for another to arrive and dock on July 30, 2021.


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