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Indian Groom Thrown From Horse During Surrey Wedding (Video)

Indian Groom Thrown From Horse During Wedding In Surrey

A Surrey groom took a hard fall from a horse moments before his wedding this past weekend.

Multiple videos have surfaced online showing an Indian groom climbing onto a horse, who showed immediate discomfort. As the handler tries to settle the animal down, and the groom attempts to climb off, the horse suddenly bolts and eventually causes the groom to lose his balance and fall.

Fortunately, the groom was not seriously injured.

According to the handler, Misty (the horse), has performed at several Indian weddings without incident. In a statement to CBC, the handler says she believes the groom’s sword or shoes may have led to the discomfort.

Other reports indicate the hot weather was disturbing the horse, while some allege the animal was fed marijuana earlier in the morning.

Grooms arriving to their wedding on a white horse is a longtime tradition for Sikh and Hindu families.


Image via YouTube

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