You Can Get A 60¢ Short Stack Of Delicious IHOP Pancakes Next Week


You can get a delicious, short stack of yummy, golden-brown pancakes at IHOP for only 60¢ next week!

On Tuesday, July 17th, the International House of Pancakes is celebrating its 60th birthday by giving away their famous buttermilk treats. You can partake in the delectable discount by stopping by any IHOP between 7 AM and 7 PM.

Of course, the chain restaurant stated that they were giving away the famous treat in honour of their big birthday; however, they also used the occasion to note that they weren’t actually changing their name to IHOB.

In fact, the company playfully tweeted that, “we’d Never turn our back on pancakes (except for that time we fake it to promote our new burgers.”

IHOP 60¢ Short Stacks of Pancakes

Of course, many people are relieved that they aren’t keeping the name change. Others, however, feel a bit played. For one thing, the chain said that they were actually changing their name, and it caused a social media frenzy.

Regardless, the stunt was a success. It reach a very wide audience, and many people ventured to the restaurant to sample its new burgers.

In addition, IHOP locations across Canada celebrated National Pancake Day earlier this year with free pancakes.

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