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IHOP Just Announced Why They Became IHOB And It Probably Isn’t What You Thought


Photo: Drew Malino / Twitter

You may have thought IHOP changed the last letter in their name for any number of reasons; however, the change from P to B only means one thing.


Yes, you heard that right – burgers. It doesn’t stand for brunch, breakfast, bacon, banana pancakes, buttermilk, or anything remotely breakfast related (unless you enjoy having a sloppy joe for your morning meal).

With that being said, they have “breakfast” burgers, as well. These burgers offer a departure from the traditional lunch/dinner burgers, providing guests with a fusion of the mealtime favourites.

Along the way, the breakfast chain had some fun with their followers. On twitter, they had brunch-goers at the edge of the seats, awaiting the story behind the puzzling change. As such, they made some jokes.

“The blot thickens, what could it b? Drob your guesses below,” they quipped on Twitter.

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“Burgers so burgerin’ good, we changed our name to IHOb. For burgers.”

Today, the 60-year-old chain announced the news on Twitter.  And, while some find the change odd, others think the additions are simply fantastic.

Nevertheless, the change is only temporary, and meant to help roll out their selection of seven, tasty  burgers.


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