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ICBC Just Released Data On The Worst Crash Locations In Vancouver


Car accidents are inevitable in any city, but some areas in Vancouver are more prone to accidents than others.

ICBC added an update to their website, Tuesday, saying residents can now access crash and vehicle population data on its website.

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The data, from 2015-2019, shows the average number of crashes per year and where they happen most.

It also includes 25 locations in Vancouver that have seen the highest number of crashes. Those places are:

  1. Knight Street Bridge – 1,240 crashes
  2. Boundary Road and Grandview Highway, including the Grandview Highway on ramp – 1,185 crashes
  3. Knight Street Bridge at Southeast Marine Drive – 1,016 crashes
  4. Boundary Road and Kingsway – 942 crashes
  5. Ironworkers Memorial Bridge – 832 crashes
  6. Lions Gate Bridge – 710 crashes
  7. Main Street and Terminal Avenue – 699 crashes
  8. Granville Street and West 41st Avenue – 694 crashes
  9. Granville Street and Marpole Avenue and West 16th Avenue – 632 crashes
  10. Clark Drive and East 1st Avenue and the Grandview Viaduct – 591 crashes
  11. Kingsway and Knight Street – 586 crashes
  12. Oak Street and West 41st Avenue – 586 crashes
  13. Cambie Street and Southwest Marine Drive – 579 crashes
  14. Kingsway and Victoria Drive – 579 crashes
  15. East 1st Avenue on and off ramps to Highway 1 at Rupert Street – 575 crashes
  16. Cambie Street and West 41st Avenue – 570 crashes
  17. Granville Street and West King Edward Avenue – 564 crashes
  18. Denman Street and West Georgia Street – 557 crashes
  19. Granville Street and West 70th Avenue – 540 crashes
  20. East 41st Avenue and Knight Street – 531 crashes
  21. Oak Street and West 70th Avenue – 527 crashes
  22. Grandview Highway and Rupert Street – 525 crashes
  23. East Hastings Street and Nanaimo Street – 522 crashes
  24. Joyce Street and Kingsway – 499 crashes
  25. East 57th Avenue and Knight Street – 496 crashes

Data shows the number of crashes in the Lower Mainland are at 210,000 a year, which is significantly higher than elsewhere in the province.

In comparison, Vancouver Island and the Southern Interior sees about 43,000 a year, while the North Central Region sees 17,000 crashes a year.

In related news, RCMP recently impounded a Lamborghini in Surrey for speeding.

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