DoorDash Reveals What Food British Columbians Love Ordering Most

Tacofino takeout

As most Canadians are staying home due to the pandemic, DoorDash has collected data to show how at-home eating behaviours have changed significantly.

The company DoorDash recently unveiled their trend report, showing Canadians’ top takeout food orders.

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DoorDash is able to report on popular food trends regionally and nationally, using data from the platform.

“No surprise, poutine, one of the most popular Canadian dishes, made the Top 10 foods in seven Canadian provinces,” reads the press release.

But British Columbians show they have more diverse taste buds, as burritos, miso soup and Key Lime pie make the top of the list.

Here’s what Canadians love the most, according to DoorDash:

Top Foods of 2020 To-Date

  1.   Burrito Bowls
  2.   Butter Chicken  
  3.   Poutine
  4.   Chicken Lettuce Wraps
  5.   Miso Soup
  6.   California Roll
  7.   Dynamite Roll
  8.   Chips & Guacamole
  9.   Tuna Poke Bowl
  10.  Spicy Tuna Roll
  11.  Plant-based burger
  12.  Garlic Bread
  13.  Caesar Salad
  14.  Chicken Quesadilla
  15.  Pad Thai
  16.  Chicken Shawarma
  17.  Gyoza
  18.  Donuts
  19.  Avocado Roll
  20.  Chicken Tacos 

Top Condiments of 2020 To-Date  

  1.   Gravy
  2.   Tzatziki
  3.   Spicy Yogurt
  4.   Ranch
  5.   Coleslaw

 And here’s what British Columbians love:

  1. Burritos
  2. Chicken Lettuce Wraps 
  3. Miso Soup 
  4. Chicken Wings 
  5. Bacon Cheeseburger
  6. Chicken Quesadilla 
  7. Chips & Guacamole 
  8. Poutine 
  9. Margherita Pizza
  10. Key Lime Pie 

To get an idea of the rest of Canada’s like, here’s some of their interests:


  1. Butter Chicken 
  2. Chicken Biryani 
  3. Chicken Shawarma 


  1. French Fries
  2. Mashed Potatoes
  3. Chicken Tenders


  1. Poutine
  2. Taro Smoothies
  3. Carrot Cake

New Brunswick:

  1. Onion Rings
  2. Crispy Chicken Sandwich 
  3. Burritos

Newfoundland and Labrador:

  1. Chicken Taquitos
  2. Poutine 
  3. Nachos

Nova Scotia:

  1. Chicken Wings
  2. Sweet & Sour Chicken 
  3. Cheesy Bread

Prince Edward Island:

  1. Pad Thai
  2. Fried Rice
  3. Egg Roll 


  1. French Fries
  2. Poutine
  3. Hot Dog 


  1. Crispy Chicken Sandwich 
  2. Onion Rings
  3. Spaghetti 

What’s your favourite takeout dish? Let us know in the comments below!

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