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How A Coquitlam Man Used A Cable To Evade The Golden Ears Bridge Toll

How One Coquitlam Man Evaded Golden Ears Bridge Toll

Fact: Whether it’s the Golden Ears Bridge, or Port Mann Bridge, we all hate paying for tolls, especially after the recent price increase.

It turns out a Port Coquitlam man shared the hate of paying for toll bridges, and decided to create a cable mechanism to hide his license plate while crossing the Golden Ears Bridge.

According to police, a 49-year old man installed a cable in his vehicle that would lift his license plates while crossing the bridge, which ultimately helped him avoid being billed for crossing.

Police caught onto the driver’s trick when an off-duty officer was coincidentally behind the driver’s car on the Golden Ears Bridge and noticed he had no plates. Upon crossing the bridge and avoiding toll cameras, the license plate mechanically went down. The off-duty officer wrote down the license plate number and tracked down the driver.

On a later date, police followed the man who pulled the same trick with his license plate, and immediately pulled him over. The driver was arrested, and during a search, police found the cable system that manipulated the vehicle’s license plate.

The man now faces two counts of fraud under $5,000. The police have also seized his vehicle, a 1993 Geo Metro, and have applied to have it forfeited to the Crown.

No word on how long the man was using this “strategy” to avoid toll fees.


Image via Surrey RCMP

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