Warner Bros. Is Cracking Down on BC’s Popular ‘Hobbit House’

hobbit house airbnb

Though it appears to be the home of Bilbo Baggins, this Airbnb only looks like a hobbit house.

The Hobbit Mountain Hole has provided Lord of The Ring fans a chance to live out their hobbit house living dreams in B.C. Unfortunately, this rental has run into some problems with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., and is now now being forced to change its name.

Run by a B.C. couple just outside of Osoyoos, this little ‘place in the shire’ was modelled after the hillside homes in the J. R. R. Tolkien series. However, Christine Le Comte and her husband did not know that they were infringing on any trademarked terms.

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A representative from Warner Bros. contacted the couple to change the name. “I didn’t know that Hobbit is a protected word,” Le Comte says.

The couple had bought the home already built and at first wasn’t familiar with the Lord of the Rings trilogy when they took over. She dived in to create a hobbit house that people would want to stay at and unplug.

They put in the work to create all the details that would entertain their visitors.

Despite the look on the outside, it’s actually spacious inside and regular-sized. The Airbnb has no TV or Wi-Fi, but renters can cook a meal, read books, play board games and just relax. Though not actually created for hobbits, the look and feel was mastered in this house.

Despite opening up in the middle of a global pandemic, the couple’s hobbit house Airbnb did quite well, and it had become a popular vacation spot.

Though forced to change the name, they did not want to give up the Hobbit theme altogether. Instead, they’re polled their Instagram followers to find a replacement name.

They have officially renamed to  “Second Breakfast Hideaway.”

You can read more about this adorable Airbnb here.


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