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Haunted Vancouver: 5 Tales of The Vogue Theatre’s Resident Ghost

Haunted Vogue Theatre

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The Vogue Theatre may not be as old as some of Vancouver’s other buildings, but it’s old enough to acquire an in-house ghost to haunt its stage.

Located on Granville Street, The Vogue has been around since 1941, where it was then more of a movie theatre, rather than the live performance hall it is today.

It has also acted as the home to the spirit of a dark-haired man. This man has been spotted all around the theatre, including the stage, projection booth, and even in the audience.

Haunted Highway in Vogue Theatre

Many staff have encountered his presence in the corridor downstairs, nicknaming the space as the Haunted Highway. Occasionally, they can hear banging noises and doors slamming from this area.

A previous manager from the theatre, Bill Alman, recounted his experience with the dark-haired ghost.

“I was locking up the carpentry room in the basement and got that distinct feeling that someone was behind me,” said Allman to Ghosts of Vancouver. “I turned around and I saw what I describe as a three dimensional shadow go by the door. So I scrambled out into the hall, and there was no one there — I was the only one around. I left the theatre relatively quickly after that. I believe I set a speed record that day!”

A Beat on The Drums

One day while setting up for a performance, Allman heard a basic beat being played on the drums. When he got onto the stage himself, the playing stopped. There was nobody there.

“But it wasn’t the ghost of Buddy Rich,” Allman said. “The playing was just not that good.”


Feeling “Incredible Anger”

In 1995, Allman brought a friend and his girlfriend to the theatre. The woman, who claimed to be psychic, said she had seen a young man with dark hair sitting in the projection booth.

He turned toward her and the woman said she felt incredible anger toward her. Then he dissolved.

Performer Gets an Audience

Performer Shane McPherson said he was rehearsing at the theatre, when he suddenly stopped what he was doing. He quickly left the stage because of what he had seen.

McPherson explained that he had seen a man appear on the audience floor and stare at him with a blank face. He then dissolved into thin air.

The performer described the ghost as a young man with dark hair and severe features, much like Allman’s psychic friend had.

A Dissolving Figure

Employee David Raun was locking up the theatre one night where he saw someone in the door of the projection booth. Although he was in the shadows, Raun said he saw a clean-shaven man with short dark hair and sharp features. The figure disappeared in front of his eyes.

Raun saw him another time above the audience area and felt something brush his right shoulder. He immediately shivered at the drop of temperature.

There are no reports of anyone dying in the theatre, but Allman is convinced the ghost must have worked there at some point, since he only appears in the employee areas.

Have you had hauntings in Vogue Theatre?

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