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Harrison Lake Awareness PSA (VIDEO)

Harrison Lake Awareness PSA (VIDEO)

An emotional video by friends and family of two men who died in Harrison Lake is serving as a public service announcement for visitors to the popular lake. The PSA video highlights the lack of signage and warnings of the lakes conditions and the fact that the glacier fed lake is colder than most people would imagine.

The two men in their twenties were part of a rafting group and ended up in the water but did not make it back to shore. Resort community Harrison Hot Springs is at the southern end of the lake which is the largest in the southern Coast Mountains of Canada.

Gary Duong (25) and Daniel Reid (23) were both very strong swimmers. On one of the hottest days in 2015, they died in the cold waters of Harrison Lake, where they were swimming. They were unaware of its dangerously cold temperatures, strong currents, and the unpredictable sudden winds which can turn a flat surface of water into a small craft warning in a matter of seconds. Visitors to this lake must become aware of these risks. Gary and Daniel can’t speak now so we are speaking for them in hopes that future deaths will be prevented on this very beautiful but deadly body of water.

A Harrison Lake Awareness Cantonese PSA video was also created featuring Gary’s mother Jenny Chan who wants proper signage on the lake to avoid future tragedies. The PSA campaign is asking people to use hashtag #HarrisonAware to talk about the dangers of the lake like winds, currents and cold temperatures.


Written by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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